ISBN 978-84-608-6672-5
The Kids Are Right (Borja Larrondo & Diego Sánchez), 2015
Size: 22 X 16 cm
Images: Aquellos Que Esperan
Texts: Aquellos Que Esperan / Sandra Maunac
Design: Koln Estudio

[10 € ︎]

With the collaboration of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport


The same set of measures applied on a large scale will produce identical or very similar results in different societies and at different times.

Through an artistic residency at Space 104 in Paris, AQE has enriched its multiformat project on the Orcasur neighborhood of Madrid with a new work realized in La Courneuve, on the outskirts of Paris.

This new phase tries to outline - in a fractional way - bridges of comparison, but above all it intends to make us feel and question ourselves about the future of our societies.

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