Cuevas has brought along his accordion and his performance clothes: the golden madreñas, the sash, the wide-brimmed hat, which he wears when he rests and sings, leaning against the stable door. "Before, everyone sang or whistled, young men or countrymen, you could always hear singing on the roads and in the villages: you knew if there were people in the mountains", explains Gelita, "now, as no one sings, you have to wear colorful clothes to be seen". Popular music, at least, should resist the erosion of time. "That's the most important thing," says Rodrigo, "not so much what three or four of us do on stage, but that it continues to be sung in the kitchens, on the roads, in the patios, at festivals. That is to keep folklore alive, not for me to take a few songs that belong to everyone and make a show out of them". 

Technical Data  Original title: El País Semanal. La silueta solitaria de Nacho Vegas
Shooting Place: Asturias. Spain
Magazine Nº: 2.363
Talents: Nacho Vegas
Production Co: The Kids Are Right
Text Editor: Fernando Navarro
Shot on: Digital
Color: Color
Genre: Documentary