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Volver is already part of the Official Selection of the Aesthetica Short Film Festival!︎

Volver is a documentary that highlights the necessary vindicative work of the LGTBIQ+ collective in more rural environments in Spain, where there is often a lack of spaces and resources dedicated to expose and normalize diverse sexual and gender realities.

The road bad and the place dark is a candidate for the 37th Goya Awards! ︎

The road bad and the place dark  is a candidate for the 37th Goya Awards!
37th Ed. Goya (Spain)
Dates: Feb 11st 2023

Exhibition in China ︎
Chengdu Contemporary Image Museum 

Aquellos Que Esperan. Vol. 03: “Familiar screens”
Exhibition in Chengdu Contemporary Image Museum (China)
Building Illusions: Images and the City
Dates: 4th Dec to 29th of Feb 2022

Coming Soon ︎2024

Quimera XIII 
The expansion of a literary universe towards transmedia narrative. An experimental cinema whose script comes to complement the concept of the homonymous book ‘Quimera: Antología de una vida salvaje’.