Coming Soon ︎2024

Technical Data  Original title: Quimera XIII
Country of Production: Spain
Production Year: 2024  
Length: 3:00
Genre: Experimental. Fiction-documentary.
Screen: 16MM Negative Film. Shot on Kodak Film
Color: Color
Sound Format: Stereo
Shooting Place: Spain
Production Co.: The Kids Are Right
Original Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English


‘Quimera XIII’ is the expansion of a literary universe towards transmedia narrative. An experimental cinema whose script comes to complement the concept of the homonymous book ‘Quimera: Anthology of a wild life’.

A photo-film, establishing a dialogue between the movement of the camera and the ice of the still image, between the present and the past.

A rebellious and irreverent piece. An essay that disguises the real world, a story where the anti-hero becomes a protagonist. A journey that speaks of nomadic freedom and self-determination of a territory.

A story written by the misfits.

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