It is May 2nd. Aritz Aranburu puts on his wetsuit, grabs his board and goes into the beach of Zarautz, next to his house. What should be routine for an elite surfer like him is presented as an "almost mystical" moment.

He feels the sand under his feet. He tastes the salt in the air. He listens to the call of the sea. He has not ridden the waves for weeks. This machine that boasts of having been the first and only Spanish to enter the CT or Championship Tour (the first division of surfing, where the 34 in the world are classified, 17 in the case of women) is ready to measure again with his eternal rival. "What I needed, what I really missed, more than surfing, was the contact with the sea... That connection with nature that only this lifestyle offers," he says.

Surfing was born as a lifestyle and became a competitive sport for a few. In the Spanish national team today coexist those who opened the way to that professionalization with young people who have landed in a technified discipline. In this issue we go to the beach with these athletes, orphans of economic support and who see the entrance to the Olympic Games as a new way to shine [...].

Technical Data  Original title: El País Semanal. La nueva ola del surf
Shooting Place: Galicia. Spain
Cover & Magazine Nº: 2.363
Talents: Aritz Aramburu, Letícia Canales, Gony Zubizarreta,
Ariane Ochoa, Vicente Romero, Nadia Erostarbe, Pablo Solar
Production Co: The Kids Are Right
Text Editor: Sara Cuesta
Shot on: 4x5 Film, 120mm Film and Digital
Color: Color and B/W
Genre: Documentary