The feeling of a border crossing. A city that opens up. An eternal and vast way. (I) Stranger. Partial and transitory witness. Attraction. Light, heat and dust. A home.

The color. Junk, cigarettes and tattoos. More junk, more cigarettes and more tattoos.
Mother's love.

Upbringing, innocence, laughter, adolescence. Street. A lot of street.
Oblivion and abandonment. One demolition, another. Frustration and anger. One eviction, another.

One family.

The passing of history, a domestic archive. Dependence on the group. Beauty and fear, rage. A perpetual image. The conquest of self-esteem. Dignity.

A cultural icon.

Her last days. The day to day. The day of leaving. The Cañada Real.

Only God saves.

Technical Data  Original title: Solo Dios Salva
Project: Solo Dios Salva
Where: Amén. Spain
Dates: 8th Jul to 14th Nov 2021  
Curators: Melina Litke, Borja Larrondo
Production Co.: The Kids Are Right
Original Language: Spanish

Awards & Grants

Grant to the Contemporary Creation of the Community of Madrid [2021]

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