Coming Soon ︎Exhibition 1st June 24’. CRP / FR.    


Growing through the years with a culture of expectation. 

The project ‘Kids on the block’ seeks to reflect on the ‘State of Youth’. A story about the beauty and hardship of being teenagers. About their escape routes, in an adult world that while instigating them to do something with their lives, dissuades them by displacing them to the marginality of the context in which they were born.


A work that seeks to understand and describe the multiple layers that make up its reality: an unchanging territory anchored to its mining echoes, a post-indus- trial and commercial drift, a reserved domestic space, a vast natural space, a complex national and international political climate, and finally a dehumanised public space. A compilation of places that in itself evidences the metaphor of the “elephant in the room”. That problem, the youth and their volatile and uncertain future, understood by those who take control of their lives. That space of risk that they continue to avoid attending to. Where perhaps it is time to raise our voices and say “what do we do with this” or rather... “from now on? from now on”.

With a classical form in its aesthetic language, the project seeks to provide a universal vision, a melody, a lullaby that speaks about the “state of youth”. About fitting in, about the loss of beauty, about leaving behind that which differentiates us, that which is genuine, to build social roles, searching sooner rather than later for a place, their place, in an increasingly confusing and hostile world.

Awards & Grants

An artistic residency promoted by CRP [Centre régional de la photographie Hauts-de-France] [https://www.crp. photo/] under the direction of Audrey Hoareau and the presidency of Marion Hislen + Diagonal [Reseau National des Structures de Diffusion et de Production de Photographie] [] + Espace Croisé [Centre d'Art Contemporain] [] under the direction of Laura Mené +  Institut pour la Photographie.

Solo exhibitions confirmed

• Jun - Jul 2024. CRP [Centre régional de la photographie Hauts-de-France]. DLM.
• Oct - Dec 2024. Espace Croisé [Centre d’Art Contemporain]. Roubaix.

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