On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Samsung's support to FECMA (Spanish Breast Cancer Federation) we have developed a project with which we want to recognize and support the commitment and hard work of all breast cancer fighters.

'Breast Cancer War Correspondents' is a documentary created as a result of the collaboration of the Spanish war photojournalist Manu Brabo (Pulitzer Prize 2013). The figure of Manu Brabo will propitiate the narrative as a driving axis and link to the concept of war. His own personal war in different conflict situations, his fragility and vulnerability in the face of it, will allow him to empathize, understand and translate this conflict for those viewers who have not experienced cancer firsthand. He is our speaker.

We understand war as an opposition, rivalry or hostility between opponents, who try to impose themselves on each other. In this way, we will try to introduce in the plans with everyday language, certain traces of their particular war against cancer. Thus being a confrontation between the usual reality of the protagonists and this new reality or fracture in their lives that the disease imposes on them.

All the images were captured from the eyes of someone who has lived the battle of many people. An initiative around the Spanish geography to know and show the life that surrounds women, doctors, researchers and families.

War correspondents against breast cancer. Covering the battles that are not in the newspapers.

Technical Data  Original title: Corresponsales de Guerra Contra el Cáncer de Mama
Country of Production: Spain
Production Year: 2018  
Length: 13:00
Genre: Documentary
Screen: 2.35:1
Color: B/W
Sound Format: Stereo
Shooting Place: Galicia, Murcia, Madrid
Production Co.: Lobo Content
Agency: Cheíl
Original Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English

Awards & Grants

D and AD |  Wood Pencil – Photography Documentary

Cannes lions |  Bronze – Health & Wellness Category 
Cannes lions |  13 Shortlists
Eurobest |  Gold – Health, Brand Led Education & Awareness
Eurobest |  Gold – Design Photography
Eurobest |  Silver – Print Craft Photography
Eurobest |  Silver – Print Publication For Good

El ojo de iberoamerica |  Gran Ojo – Producción Gráfica
El ojo de iberoamerica |  Gold – Directo
El ojo de iberoamerica |  Gold – Experiencia de Marca y Activación
El ojo de iberoamerica |  Gold – Diseño
El ojo de iberoamerica |  Silver – Film
El ojo de iberoamerica |  Silver – Campañas Integradas
El ojo de iberoamerica |  Bronze – Producción Audiovisual
El ojo de iberoamerica |  Bronze – Sustentable
El ojo de iberoamerica |  3 Shortlists

El Sol |  Gold – Digital and mobile
El Sol |  Gold – Production
El Sol |  Silver – Integrated Campaigns
El Sol |  Silver – Sales Activation
El Sol |  Silver – PR

FIAP |  Gold –  Photography
FIAP |  Gold – Design
FIAP |  Silver – Integrated Campaigns
FIAP |  Bronze – Effective Campaigns

LIA |  Silver – Print Use of Photography Campaign
LIA |  Silver – Design Use of Photography

CLIO |  Bronze – Partnership & Collaborations.