ISBN 978-84-617-3759-8
The Kids Are Right (Borja Larrondo & Diego Sánchez), 2015
Binding: 7 different pieces in paper
Size: 33 X 22,5 X 5,5 cm (Box)
Texts and Images: Aquellos Que Esperan
Design: Koln Estudio
Editorial Consultant: Juan Valbuena
First edition of 100 numbered copies


Shortlist - Best book of the year by PHotoEspaña 2015
Shortlist - Prix du livre Les Rencontres d’Arles 2015


A multi-format project in constant growth that, since October 2012, documents life in the Madrid neighborhood of Orcasur.

The publication responds to an ordered dossier model of a multidirectional essay arising from personal learning. It explores prejudice in the slums. It shows the media treatment and exemplifies it with its own photographs. It frees itself from taboo. It inquires about the environment and its context, about those who inhabit it. It narrates the evolution of personal experience throughout the work process and invites reflection, with a clean and unprejudiced look.

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